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The Terms Dent Master & Dent Man

The terms Dent Master & DentMan along with others such as DentWizard etc were generic names given to men who first developed the art of Paintless Dent Removal on the German & Italian car production lines, not to be confused with PDR companies who operate under these trade names today. They worked with what were little more than metal rods / pokers that in time were bent by these men to suite a particular type of dent or to resolve access issues when removing dents from certain car body panels. These men soon built up a set of prefered metal rods each having a specific shape and end tip for types of dents that were to be found on vehicels at the end of the production line. It was not long before the idea of DentMen & DentMasters caught on in most vehicle production facilities throughout the world.

DentMaster's & DentMen for the public

During the mid 1950's there are records of some of these factory DentMasters offering their services to members of the public in a addhoc way probably to freinds and family. Remember that during the 1940's less than 10% of people owned their own cars and as such the need and potential for public DentMen / DentMasters was neither seen or needed. Firms such as Farrari & Bentley did provide DentMen / DentMasters to dealers to remove small dents in their expensive models prior to sale. Given the rise of private vehicle ownership within the western world during the late 50's to date the commercial potential for paintless car dent removal has increased proportionally to population car ownership. The early rise commercial PDR companies first took place within the USA where vehicles are often damaged by hail storms. Teams of DentMen / DentMasters basically chased behind storms across the USA profiteering from the trail of vehicle damage in the storms wake, a practice that still happens today.

The Modern Day DentMaster / DentMan

The desired outcome has always remained the same however PDR techniques and tools have progressed greatly over the years. Most, if not all Dentmasters begin their career with some kind of initial training course. Either with a highly qualified instructor or DVD tuition, the instructor being the most prefered option. A training course is generally a week long and leaves the pupil with the very basic knowledge of how to remove a tiny dent from a car body panel. The rest is down to the individuals own motivation and determination to make himself a Dentmaster or Dentman. Everyone is different however it takes an average of 15 months, atleast 3 hours a day to become proficient ( half decent) at Paintless Dent Removal. It will take a Dentmaster several years to perfect his skill and as every dent is different he will also be always learning.

With the ever changing safety systems and impact bars in modern vehicles, access to the rear of car dents is becoming for ever more difficult. Tools have advanced greatly to accommodate these changes and a qualified Dentmaster will carry tools to access almost every area of the vehicle. Where access is very restricted or even impossible, the glue pull method my be suitable to use.

Mobile Paintless Dent Removal is an extremely convenient and cost effective method of car body repair. Although PDR has been around for many years it is still relatively unheard of within the public domain. With so many benefits to Paintless Dent Removal, it will one day be the peoples first choice when carbody repairs are required.

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