DIY Dent Repair

DIY Dent Repair/ Rogue Traders

Paintless Dent Removal is nothing short of an art. Simply learning the basic skills of PDR can take hundreds of hours training. Extremely hard work for the eyes, 100% concentration and patience is required throughout the entire process. A qualified Dent Repair Specialist will spend several years learning to perfect his techniques, as no two dents are ever the same will also be constantly learning.

As PDR is becoming more widely known and often "The Peoples" first choice for car body repairs, is also open to rogue traders. Guys who have bought a basic set of tools, spent a short while practicing and gone out on the road to earn some easy money. A Professional Dentmaster or a clip on Youtube may make the process look very easy, however anyone who has ever attempted PDR will tell you very different. Paintless Dent Removal is an extremely difficult art to learn.

Allowing an inadequately trained person attempt dent repairs to your vehicle will cost you dearly in the long run. Any reputable Dentmaster will have a proven track record of his repairs, either an extensive portfolio of his work or written testimonials from happy customers (better still having both). A Dentmans tool kit to most would look like a bag of pokers, steel rods of various shapes and sizes. These dent tools often have sharp tips and can easily cause damage to the panel if used incorrectly. In this line of work, cheapest is definitely not always the best.

Many people wrongly believe that dents will simply just pop out, "if I could get behind the dent I could easily push it out with my thumb" is a favourite. It is only on the very rare occasion that a "large dent" will pop out when pushed. Even on these very rare occasions, many remaining imperfections will still need to be removed once the bulk has been popped.

Rogue Trader, Unqualified Dent Technician

The lumps in the silver Volvo door were created by a man selling himself as a qualified Paintless Dent Repair Technician. He had either none, or very little experience in large dent removal. Dent-Tek were called in to rectify his work and in this instance managed to save the panel from an expensive body shop repair. This is not always the case and often the mistakes that are made, simply cannot be rectified. This repair took Dent-Tek's qualified technician nearly two hours to put right. This was not a perfect repair however the damage was hugely improved to a very respectable standard.

DIY Attempt by Customer

The excessive push marks are clearly visible in the distorted reflection of the Line Board. There were atleast 50 seperate high spots, approximately 10 of which had fractured the laquer. This repair would have been very straight forward for a Trained Dent Specialist however the bonnet was almost written off as a result of the customers own attempt. As you can see by the reflection of the lines, Dent-Tek's highly trained Dentmaster managed to recover the damage to such a standard that when the board was removed the repair was barely visible.

Mark Rennie

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