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Reviewed by Paul Maddison on .

Durham, Durham.

Mercedes Multi Dent Repairs: An excellent job repairing the dents to my SLK, wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services.

Hi Mark
Thanks for the excellent job you did in removing the dents from my vehicle. I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone who wants a quality job at a reasonable price.

Regards Paul

Rating: 4.9

Mercedes SLK

This was a pristine example of a Mercedes SLK, newly bought by the owner. He contacted me as there were several minor dents in various panels, mainly both doors and both wings that spoiled the overall look of the car. Apart from one dent on the drivers door which was very sharp the rest were very gentle cosmetic indentations.

The dent on the drivers door was tackled first as this was the dent that would be most difficult to repair. Access was gained via the door top, between the glass and the weather strip. A strong, hard plastic tipped door bar was used to lift the dent from the very centre of the dented area. Each push had to be extremely accurate as with sharp dents if you miss the centre you will end up with a volcano effect around the dented area. If you use an in experienced Dentman, then this is very likely to happen. With Paintless Dent Removal experience is everything and as with most skilled trades, you get what you pay for ( cheapest is definitely not always best ). Heat was constantly applied to the paint to allow it to move without fracturing. The dent and the door were subsequently returned to there perfect original finish.

The dents in the passenger door were all along the body line and these were accessed in the same way as the drivers door. A soft tipped door bar was used, as the dents were very minor, they were quite straight forward to massage and return the swage line to its original former shape.

There were two very minor dents, one to each wing which were accessed by gently easing back the wheel arch liner. A narrow soft tip bar was then slid along behind the panel where they were both carefully manipulated back to the original shape of the wing.

With all the minor indentations removed, this fine example of a car was returned to original factory finish leaving one very happy owner.

To have this work done at a body shop would have meant having both doors and both wings painted along with several days off the road, not to mention a bill for several hundreds of pounds. All of this work was carried out at the customers home address in around 1 1/2 hours for a fraction of the cost.

Mercedes Multi Dent Repairs

Mark Rennie

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