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Car Dent Repairs

If you have a dent in your car, live in the Bishop Auckland area & have never heard of PDR before. Then get ready to be amazed at what Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) can do for you & your car dents.

An Example of PDR

Quarter panel car dent repair
Quarter panel dent repair Bishop Auckland

No Paint or Body Filler Used

PDR does not rely on car body filler or paint, PDR is the 'art' of manually removing dents in car body panels with specialist tools & many years of experience.

You can learn more about Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) from the North East #1 Dentmaster on our What is PDR page.

When it comes to having any car dent repaired I have enough experience to know that cost & end result play a significant role in peoples choices when it comes to choosing a PDR service.

Cost of PDR

No two car dents are the same in terms of: size, shape, access issues etc. As such it is impossible to give even an estimate until I have seen the dent / picture of the dent.

Minor dents are in the main cheaper than your insurance excess and PDR is more cost effective than a body shop.

I always give a discount for multiple dent / panel repairs.

I always offer the highest standard of repair for the best possible price.

The best way to get an estimate is to call me, use my FREE callback service (bottom of page), even attach some pictures of the damage that I will discuss with you. See my 'Price Guarantee' below.

My Price Guarantee

I will give you a fixed price quotation before I start the work & if you accept it then that is the price you pay, not a penny more.

End Result

I understand that many of us have emotional attachments to our cars.

I treat every car the same regardless of it being a Ferrari or a 10 year old Ford. They all receive my very best PDR skills & attention.

The best people for you to check my service with are those who have experience of my service & skill.

I have more genuine Facebook reviews than any other Dentman in the North East.

So rather than telling you that Dent Tek is the #1 car dent removal company in the North East, which it is, take a look at the many genuine FaceBook reviews from some of my clients.

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Comments from Bishop Auckland

Bobby Gale

AMark came to the house this morning and repaired a bad trolley ding in the car door. Amazing results, can't even see where it was. Excellent service from first contact to finished job. Would recommend Mark to anyone. Cheers Mark

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Daniel Cole

Mark came out and completely removed a dent from the drivers offside door on a Corsa. Mark took his time until he was 100% satisfied with the work he had carried out. If your looking for a good quality, reliable and friendly service. Mark is definitely the man

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Charlie Parkin

Have used Mark on many occasions and always comes out with awesome results ...

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Deborah Macleod

Affordable and great service! Couldn't recommend you enough

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Where PDR can also help

Lease or Rental Car Returns

Rather than loose any deposit or be faced with an extortionate repair bill, the cost of a PDR dent repair can save you hundreds of pounds when returning your lease or rental car.

Motability Cars

I have repaired many motability cars where the client has been concerned about loosing their motability good condition return payment due to car body dent, which once again is hundreds of pounds.

Help & Advice

Please feel free to call me to discuss your damage, or if you have questions generally about PDR or the services that I offer.

You can call me using the button below (call) or click the 'Call Back' button where you can enter a number that you would like me to call you back on (FREE), you can even add some pictures to the call-back request.

I always do my best to help anyone who calls.