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Car Bonnet Dents

Common Causes

  • Jumping on the Panel
  • Items Falling/Bouncing on
  • Vandal Damage

Access Issues

  • Sound Deadening Pad
  • Bracing Structure
  • Double Skinned Areas

The Car Bonnet Dent

Dents in the bonnet are not always but very often caused by people leaning, sitting or even jumping on the panel. This amount of pressure causes very large, dramatic indentations which to the customer can even look unrepairable.

Objects falling off shelves in the garage, snow off roofs or any other air born object landing on your bonnet can also cause quite severe damage to the hood.

Sharp dents can also be caused by stones or debris being thrown up by moving vehicles, bonnets are usually the first point of impact. Dents of this nature may well contain paint chips, the dent can still be removed and the minor chip simply touched in

Dent Master

A Trained Paintless Dent Remover can most often repair these dents to a very high standard making them virtually undetectable. Maintaining both th elook and value of your car.

 Access Considerations.

Access to this panel is generally straight forward but not without its issues. The bonnet is made up of two sections, the base frame and the outer skin. The base frame is a lattice of braces to give the bonnet its strength which is then attached to the outer skin. On most modern cars the base frame (underside) of the panel is covered by a sound proofing pad, which in most cases will need to be removed. This is usually a simple process which involves removing the retaining clips or buttons. Once this is removed the Professional Car Dent Remover will have access to most areas of the bonnet, however the density and network of bonnet braces will dictate access capabilities.

Double Skinned Bonnets

On some vehicles, the front section of the bonnet is double skinned leaving only small manufacturer holes for access. This may be sufficient for very minor dents, however larger damage may have to be glue pulled first to minimise work with the dent tools

A Professional Car Dent Remover carries tools which can access and repair dents in almost any area of the car bonnet to a very high standard.

Our Promise

Dent-tek will not be beaten on service or professionalism and will always deliver the Highest Quality Repair at the best possible price