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Car Boot/Tailgate Dents

Common Causes

  • Heavy Handed Closing of Tailgate
  • Miss Judging Distance While Reversing
  • Pushing Vehicle Forward by Hand
  • Bumps from Another Vehicle

Access Issues

  • Inner Trim Removal
  • Tail Light, Indicators
  • Internal Strengtheners
  • Associated opening hinges

Tailgate, Boot Lid Dents and Typical Causes

The Tailgate/ Boot Lid is subject to all manor of Dents, Dings and General Car Body Damage. This part of the vehicle is also the most likely to be dented whilst reversing. Having parking sensors fitted is a bonus, however does not make the driver immune from mis judging distances and pranging the tailgate. These type of dents are usually quite large, many unrepairable. Also other vehicles reversing, especially 4x4 types with the spare wheel on the back can cause quite heavy damage to the Lift Back

Don't Push Them Too Hard

Quite often Tailgates are heavy and drivers use a two handed closing routine. Apply too much pressure and in they go, two lovely dents either side on the panel. These type of dents are very common, in fact on most tailgates they will probably be found. Luckily although very unsightly, a Highly Trained Car Dent Repairer can repair this type of dent to an extremely high standard. In fact in most cases leaving no sign of the dent at all.

Don't Force Them To Close

Over loading the boot compartment and squashing the contents down can sometimes lead to high spots in the panel. These will be seen as mounds or ridges where the panel has been pushed outwards on meeting the protruding luggage. A Dent Master can repair these High Spot Areas very successfully using Tap Down Sticks and returning the car body panel back to its original state.

Access Issues

Occasionally for minor dents, access can be gained through drainage holes or by removing rubber grommets in the tailgate itself. However as dents in the tailgate are usually quite large, it is highly likely that the internal trim will have to be removed. This process is usually straight forward though on certain makes and models of car, can be extremely difficult to carry out. Many modern cars also have a light cluster set into the opening Hatchback panel which may give the required access once removed.

Tailgate Internals

There are also internal strengtheners built into the structure of the tailgate. These are sections of the inner tailgate panel bent inwards and bonded to the outer skin. Often if you see a dent with a high spot in the middle it is the presence of an inner support. Occasionally the rear wash wipe assembly may be removed to allow decent access to the dented area.

Our Promise

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