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Car Dent

Types of Car Dent

A Professional Dentman / Dent Repair Specialist will classify a Car Dent based on the above into one of these Car Dent Types

Large Dents

These types of dents are usually but not always found on the upper facing panels. The roof, bonnet and tailgate areas are the norm however any panel can fall prey to large area damage.

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Sharp Dents

Sharp dents are caused by an initial strong impact, usually by something small. They vary in size depending on the weight, size and momentum of the object that colides with the car panel.

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Creased Dents

Creased dents are usually but not always caused by an initial impact where the object is then dragged along the car body panel. Also a single impact from a long straight object, like a car door edge for example could also cause a creased dent.

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Miscellaneous Dents

Dents in vehicles come in all different shapes and sizes, not falling into any one particular catergory. Many dents will contain creases, high spots and sharp indentations all rolled onto one.

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The Nature of a Car Dent

A car dent is the damage caused by an impact. Like any damage, it is unpredictable and subject to such as (but not limited to):

Please understand that every car dent is as unique as a snow flake and while I have given as much information as possible to help you understand the service that I provide, I can not comment fully on any particular car dent until I see the dent.