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Car Door Frame Dents

Common Causes

  • Car Park Mishaps
  • Shopping Trolley Dents & Dings
  • Opening Car Door Against Stationary Objects

Access Issues

  • Side Door Brace Structure
  • Side Impact Protection Bars
  • Return Curves on Door Edges

Car Door Frame Dents Explained

The door frame area is very small and rarely attracts door dents, however occasionally minor dents are found in this area. They are sometimes caused by objects falling from shelves in your garage or being hit by hard balls etc. Access to the door frame is extremely restricted therefore a dent in this area will very likely have to be glue pulled.

Car Door Edge Dents

This type of damage to the door edge is usually caused when the door has been opened in a confined space, maybe in a garage or mis judging distance when opening against a wall. Sometimes low bollards or high kerbs can catch the lower edge of the door on opening causing the panel edge to bend inwards.

As there are generally no access problems to this area these type of door edge dents can be very successfully repaired.

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