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Car Wing Dents

Common Causes

  • Car Park Dents, Shopping Trolley Dings
  • Bumping and Denting Whilst Maneuvering
  • Impact from Other Vehicle

Access Issues

  • Wheel Arch Liners
  • Indicators / Headlight Removal
  • Return Curve on Wheel Arch Lip

Front Wing Dents

Front wings depending on the make and model of the vehicle, can sometimes be difficult to judge when maneuvering the car. Especially the passenger side wings on long fronted cars when squeezing into tight spots or reversing when full lock is applied to the wheel.

Modern power steering can also be very deceiving when performing close parking.

Common Types of Car Wing Dents

More often than not wing dents are around the wheel arch area, either being caused by another vehicles front bumper or the driver mis- judging and catching a stationary object. From a dentman's point of view, wheel arch dents are usually very complex and can often be very time consuming to repair.

The wheel arch generally incorporates a heavy body line which is there not only for cosmetic purposes but to help give the wing some strength.

As the arch itself has nothing to hold on to making the area very weak, most dents in this area are quite sharp leaving the arch appearing buckled and twisted.

One of the benefits to front wing repairs is that access is very good which is a must when tackling repairs of this nature.

Of course not all front wing dents are of this type and can often be very minor in comparison. As access to the front wing area is usually relatively simple, dents in almost any area of the fender can be successfully repaired.

 Accessing Dents in the Front Wing

Most modern cars have a plastic or felt wheel arch liner surrounding the underside of the front wing. It is there to protect the under side of the panel from all of the water and debris that is thrown up by the road wheels whilst driving. Using special tools these liners can be prised back allowing access to most areas within the wing. Indicators or headlights may have to be removed to allow access to dents in the very front of the panel, also access may be gained to the rear through the front door whilst in the open position.

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