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Creased Dents

These dents can occur on any car body panel however they are generally found on the side panels of vehicles. Handle bars from bicycles, car doors and even driving past low tree branches are just a few of the many causes of creased dents.

More often than not, the crease forms a clean straight line dent in the panel, however many creases can be curved and very mis-shaped. Some crease dents to the untrained eye may simply look round and circular

A trained Paintless Dent Remover with the aid of a Line or Fog Board may identify a definite crease which lies at the bottom of the dent. Correctly identifying what lies within the dent is crucial to the outcome of any Paintless Dent Repair.

There are many factors to a creased dent which would determine the outcome of a successful repair, length, sharpness and access are just a few.

A soft shallow crease for example would be much easier to repair than a sharp deep crease. Quite often the Professional Dent Remover would use the Glue Pull method to lift the bulk of the dent out quickly and finish off any imperfections with the bar.