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Car Quarter Panel Dents

Common Causes

  • Car Park Dents, Shopping Trolley Dings
  • Other Vehicles, Cyclists, Wheelie Bins etc.
  • Rear Arch/ Rear Wing on Stationary Objects
  • Parking Miss-Haps

Access Issues

  • Inner Quarter Panel Trim
  • Rear Wheel and Arch Liners
  • Tail Light and Indicator Clusters
  • Boot Compartment Trims

Rear Quarter Panel/ Rear Wing

The most common types of dent to be found in the rear wing/ fender of a car are the minor car park, trolley dents which have been picked up during visits to the local shopping centre. Usually, especially for two door cars the dents are mainly found in the front section of the panel between the back wheel and the front door. This area is most vunerable to impact from other car doors, however quite often the wheel arch itself gets caught, usually resulting in very sharp creases in the car body. Just the same as any other panel of the car the rear panel can also sustain large area damage too..

Accessing Dents in the Rear Wing/ Quarter Panel

Access to this panel is always restricted leaving several options to explore depending on the location of the dent. Dents towards the rear light cluster are generally accessed by removing the tail light itself or sometimes removing the internal trim in the boot compartment will also give usable access to this area. On two door cars the dents are very often on the front section of the panel which is the area most likely to receive dents from other car doors. Sometimes dents in this area may be glue pulled however it is much more likely that the Dentmaster will have to remove, or at least loosen off the internal trim to gain access.

Time to Access The Dent

It may take the Dent Repair Specialist much longer to remove the internal trim than it does to actually repair the dent. Another access possibility is to remove the rear wheel and arch liner, this often reveals access holes made by the car manufacturer. An experienced Dentman will quickly work out the best possible access route giving the customer a more accurate time scale and cost for the repair. The wheel arch curve itself and usually the first 2" of this area on most cars is double skinned, not only making the area very strong but sometimes inaccessible. Occasionally dents in this area can be repaired with the glue pull method, however sharp dents may require the attention of a body shop for repair.

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