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Sharp Car Dents

Many car park dings/ shopping trolley dents can be very sharp, some even removing or fracturing the paint.

The upper part of a wheelie bin can cause quite sharp dramatic indentations, also pellets fired from an airgun or BB's can sometimes cause unrepairable sharp dents.

In very strong winds objects are blown against vehicles with great force causing sometimes very nasty sharp dents, wooden fences for example.

The "swage" or car body lines of a vehicle stand proud from the panel and are often the first point of impact when the vehicle is struck. Many people believe that these dents cannot be repaired however an experienced Dent Specialist can achieve superb results with this type of dent.

With a sharp dent the metal panel is always very stretched, sometimes beyond it's limits. The PDR Technicians' role is to use his specialised tools to shrink the dent and surrounding area back to size. This technique takes great skill and many hundreds of hours "hands on" experience to perfect. Even with many years experience, sharp deep dents are always the most difficult dents for a Dentmaster to repair.

To have any chance of successfully repairing a sharp dent the Dent Repair Technician must have very good access. To repair any sharp dent on a panel from a distance is virtually impossible to do. If you think how much direct force was needed to push the metal inwards to such a degree, requires even more force to push it back out. Many sharp dents in the centre of large panels are unrepairable because there is simply too much give in the metal for it to be returned to its original state.

Sharp Dents

Strong areas of car body panels ie, the swage line/ body lines are generally quite strong and with good access a Trained Dent Specialist has a fighting chance of a successful repair. In some cases however, even with good access the dent is just too severe.

In cases such as these, the PDR Technician will recommend a car body shop for repair.

I do appreciate that it is very difficult for a customer to know if a dent is repairable. Please send a photo and I will contact you to discuss the repair and